Friday, July 30, 2010

Beautiful You

Raise your hands if you’ve ever wished you were someone else. Ok. Now raise your hands if you‘ve taken that wish a little higher by actually attempting to live out someone else looks, characteristics, and even habits? Say it isn’t so? Look around you…on the television screen, while driving to and fro, your neighbors…even yourself. Has your life’s mission taken on a face that isn’t even yours?

You and I so uniquely created and crafted with love, yet our individualism is lost when we neglect ourselves in the pursuit of attempting to be like others. Look at the “octo mom”, for example. An unwed mother of six already living with her parents decides to have eight more children (in my opinion) to get a reality show like the couple with eight or the family with 19 kids. The money she got from her notoriety she decides to use it on plastic surgery to look like another famous person, Angelina Jolie, who ironically has six kids too. Some can see what she did as merely following a trend, and indeed, there isn’t a thing wrong with that, so long as following trends don’t take over your life.

Beyonce started wearing lace front wigs, now that “trend” has spread like the bubonic plague. Are people wearing hairy hats on their head for convenience or is it that they’d like to look and even for a second, feel like Mrs. Knowles-Carter?

We all admire things about others. The way they wear their hair, they way their bodies look, the way they communicate, their athletic ability etc, but just keep in mind the things you admire in other people, they took the time to develop in themselves. In essence, they accepted their individuality and honed it. They illuminated the gifts that they were born with. So should you. It takes a lot less effort to love and cultivate self than to try to be like someone else. You are not them. You are uniquely, beautifully you!. Diversity makes the world go around. Diversity catches our attention. Diversity is the Most High God showing off! Why take away from that? You were created in perfection.

No one can be you and you certainly, no matter how hard you try, can’t be someone else. So love the skin you’re in and build on that beautiful canvas you were born with! In doing that you’ll realize that trends starts from the individual, not the followers.

Peace, Love, and a whole lot of individuality,

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Authentic Life Expert, Dr. Shawn Dunn said...

Doomed to live inauthentic lives. It is the curse of all those who, daily, accept the invitation to forgo their own life, in order to experience, vicariously (via the television: internet: tabloid magazines, etc.), the life of another; and deliberately disobey the primary pronouncement of our almighty progenitor,which is: "THOU SHALT LIVE". How is it that we so willingly relinquish our right, our opportunity, our privilege to contribute, and joyfully participate in the sorrows of life? Pleasure: passion: pain: adventure: excitement: accomplishment: these are the jewels that we dicard, all the while searching high and low for them...define irony. Some of us are alive only because we haven't died yet.

Isnt life grand when your layin in the sand!!

Isnt life grand when your layin in the sand!!