Monday, April 13, 2009

This is for the Bottle Poppers

Time certainly flies, doesn't it? One minute i'm writing about the end of 2008 and the next minute, it's darn near the middle of 2009. My bad, people, my bad. But this I can tell you: This has been an interesting year thus far, filled with unexpected bumps, bruises, victories and most recently, violations!(hahaha, this is a funny one, y'all)

Uptown Saturday Night(literally)
It was a mildly warm saturday evening and the vibe was right to step out on the town. My girl, Kiana, had a girl in town, so the setting was perfect for entertaining. We decided on hitting up a spot to mingle, grab a drink, and enjoy the music. When we got to this popular Atlanta spot, we get in, no hassle,thanks to one of the promoters.

Libations, it is!

We get a drink and toast to the bon vie(the good life for those who dont know french;i dont either, but it's a title to a popular 80's dance song.) The place wasnt' crowded yet, so we were able to have conversation without screaming over one another. After our second drink, we decided to walk to the VIP(very important person is what it typically stands for but this night it might stand for voluntary ignorant people)area to sit on the plush,black leather seats. Why not? the couch was unoccupied. Three minutes into resting our backsides on the couch, a young, young, lady approached us. Evidently she was one of the staff. " Excuse me, are you all buying a bottle?" "No", we quickly replied in unison. " Well," she interjected, " This area is reserved for the BOTTLE POPPERS!" The look on my face was a mixture of " you got to be kidding me" coupled with" Are bottle poppers a new psuedo breed of people?" Once she said that, merry ole Kiana said to her " Ok. When someone comes to sit here, we will happily get up." The young, young lady walked away. Onward with our nights, tushes resting on the couch.
Two minutes after her three minutes, a gentleman in a suit approached us. He, evidently, was a member of the security staff. " We are recieving a complaint that you all wont get up! THIS AREA IS RESERVED FOR THE BOTTLE POPPERS!" Oh boy, i thought. This new breed of people must be awfully important. Earth Angels? Members of Jesus's army? Shape Shifters? "Sir", I began. " There is no one here. Once these BOTTLE POPPERS emerge, we will kindly get up. But since your feathers are getting ruffled into one huge goose down for a king size bed, we'll get up now." (The last part i didnt say to him,but i wish i was that verbally savvy at the moment) " Ma'am, i just doing what i was told".
No worries, brotha. The three of us laughed, got up and stood next to the super human seating, nodding our heads to the music. Mind you, we were good and safe to be in the VIP area, but not good enough to be sitting there.
I thought I had left all this behind in Los Angeles. Hollywood has landed. Its now also known as Atlanta, Ga.
We are all light hearted ladies, so we laughed at the silliness of the situation. As we were standing, Mr. security came up to us and said," you ladies can sit down." A sudden change of heart? Behind him was a rather smooth looking brotha...he got that well seasoned look. He approached us and said, "Please sit down. The young lady who first approached you all is new and doesn't quite understand the rules..." Lawry's (well seasoned, get it? hahaha) was actually the owner of the venue. So polite and daper was he, that he made us forget that we were treated like sub humans with this BOTTLE POPPERS rule. He introduced himself, and we reciprocated. Not only was he apologetic, but he was courteous. He got us a bottle of white wine and our own table...until, of course, the actual BOTTLE POPPERS came in and bought us out. All was well, though. He invited us into the ULTRA VIP(back to very important persons) area where we had a BIGGER couch AND we got to invite all of our friends into our world on the big, comfy couch. Isnt that ironic?

Moral of the story? Not sure. You guys come up with one. I just know that it pays to keep your cool and be who you are in this world of psuedo races and super humans. Big up to Mr. Lawry's and Mr. DJ, as the night sailed along.

Isnt life grand when your layin in the sand!!

Isnt life grand when your layin in the sand!!