Tuesday, September 30, 2008

I do my best to write a blog once a month, and boy, am I pushing it...

This fact has always fascinated me, even as a "youth": God could have made the entire world in a day. Instead, time and patience was taken into consideration, interweaving each living organism to one another to I can imagine the mind of God, the thoughts of the Most High, as It contemplated the details of each person, plant, and animal. What a shame it would have been if God was in a rush making you and I, inadvertently leaving off a leg, or giving me three arms instead of two, simply because He was in a hurry to get to the next creation!

(OK. that is a funny visual...stop imagining me with three arms!)

So riddle me this: WHY DO PEOPLE RUSH TO GET INVOLVED WITH ONE ANOTHER??? Why don't we take the time to find out what purpose each person serves in our life before we make them a main dish? And why, oh why, do we blame ourselves, if we meet someone who's purpose is just temporary, if it doesnt work out longterm? Look, people(especially ladies)Patience,understanding, and purpose was taken in the very fabrication of you and I,not a detail overlooked, not a trait left unexamined. Shouldn't we take the same amount of care in choosing who we let into our lives and determining their relevence in our space? If you are in a relationship(friendship or otherwise)right now, ask yourself these, or similar questions:

1)What have they deposited into my life?
2)What separates them from my previous relationship(s)?
3)Can their presence in my life elevate me and am I elevating them to levels neither of us have been to?

Depending on how you answer these questions, do what you have to do to elevate or eliminate these people from you space, or at bear minimum, keep them at arms length!("I'll love you from afar" comes to mind with some people)

Trust your spirit(most of the time, we know folks are just taking up space in our life, distracting us, "filling a void" so to speak)and know that there is NO NEED to make he/she "the one" only because you all have ten things in common and happen to have the same initials!(I swear, we make all sorts of justifications) Take the time to learn yourself to know where you're going and if he/she is fit enough for the journey! You will save much energy and emotional distress. The person you're attempting to make your soulmate could simply be a soul lesson and the one you disregarded as simply "the homie" can be your angel in disguise!

Come along with me, on this adventure called LIFE and I promise, we will make it together. Just give it a little TIME!

Lata Gatas!!


Isnt life grand when your layin in the sand!!

Isnt life grand when your layin in the sand!!