Friday, January 18, 2008

Build Vision-Exercise your Choice

I sat in awe of the fact that the company I work for does not observe the Martin Luther King
holiday. "WOW", I thought. " I living in Atlanta of Arizona?" (as you know, Arizona was the only state in the "union" that didnt observe the Martin Luther King holiday)

"we were concieved free, labored, and born into a world as 'slaves'. Slavery truly has no color. reclaim your freedom by exercising choice."

That was the daily deposit on my spirit.

I, we for that matter, would not be here, in the deep south, able to work, drive and live as we please if Martin Luther King didn't exercise his freedom to CHOOSE.

He was born into a world that called him unfavorable. Clearly if he and I were created by the same Divine force, the great, "I AM", that invisioned and spoke us into existence, we most certainly are favored. Yet, born into a world of have's and have not's, do's and don'ts(which some 'get away' with doing certain don't's...that, dear heart, is a whole other blog), we are to exist and pursue happiness. "HUH??" "How do we possibly do that, in a world of limits?" When you ask yourself that question is when the journey begins.

CHOOSE to go deeper than what you see in front of you. What most of us are currently living is the sum total of what others have created in their minds eye.
CHOOSE to follow the spirit of love to a place of inner creativity that dwells in us all. That,my friend, is where freedom lives.
Hold on to that vision. It will make manifest, if you believe it to be so. CHOOSE to believe. Let's face it. We have NO ONE to blame for the current state of our existance(yes, me, too). We must challenge ourselves to elevate our thoughts beyond our current situation. We are not living life if we are not living what we dream.
Martin turned his life into a labor of love. Love, fearless love(thanks shelli), is what brought his dream(vision) into fruition.
I CHOOSE to honor his faith, fearlessness, and obedience to spirit by taking the day off(without "pay", of course. I will be volunteering the night before at the Dekalb County jail, preparing food for the MLK day celebration) My spirit beckons me to take a the name of freedom of CHOICE. I hold on to the vision that one day soon, ALL people will reclaim their freedom by creating the world in which they want to live in(for me, one in which we honor ALL our ancestors and the paths they have layed for us).
Thank you, Martin, for showing me freedom's light. Prayerfully, by allowing myself to take a stand for what holds true in me, I will allow another to find and follow the truth in them.
"Those who are led by the spirit of God are the sons and daughters of God." Romans 8:14
side note: we take time off to "honor" dead presidents. To our people, Martin Luther King, Jr, was the President! Let's give him honor.
Peace and Love,
"holla if you hear me, Yell if you don't!"

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

"Play another slow jam"..Where did the slow songs go?

"Play another slow jam, this time next week..."Yes, the slow song was something you looked forward to in the middle of sweating your inner water supply away, trying to outdance the next cat who was, at least in your eyes, trying to steal your shine. Ah yes, the slow song was your time to summons the lady or guy you were trying to impress with those "fresh" dance moves, or get close to the person you have been eyeing at school, or the previous weekends at the club. Eyes meet, followed by a coy smile. Typically he would softly ask, "Would you like to dance?" If he wasn't close enough, He would gesture with his eyes, that pointed in the direction of the dance floor, or even lip sync the question.

Once the connection was made, the chemistry, or lack there of begins. In any event, the slow dance was where you can get a sense of a person, decide if you all would exchange numbers, and at the very least, determine if the person had any rhythm!

As subtle as the communication in the previous scenario was painted, the slow dance or "break period" was key to getting to know one another at a social event. Often times hearing"Make it last forever" while whispering sweet honey somethings in ones' ear, was an indication of how you wanted the moment to go on..."forever". At the end of the dance, you eagerly anticipated the next musical soiree, either to dance with your Sir or Madame Charming again or to create a new"after the dance" memory.

"Where is the Love?"
Fast forward(real fast, real forward, light speed if you will) a decade and a half later...the fast dancing is still there, or shall I say the "two step", and the atmosphere is still electric(for those of you who like microwaves), but WHERE ARE THE SLOW SONGS? The innocent and discreet touches mixed with a little conversation that accompanied"Can you stand the rain?" and "Roni" have been replaced by the groping, fondling, and demands that come with "...girl you look good, wont you back that ass up!" and the promises of a "sensual seduction"...all before you know the guy or girls name!
Just as in all happy mediums in life, there is something callled balance. With the 100 degree temperatures of the Atlanta summer come the 35 degree winters of January. In between that , there is the Fall, or the "break period" in which you seek relief from the heat, enjoy the changing of seasons and brace yourself for the impending Winter.
The slow song served that same was a welcome break. It didn't last long, but when it came, it allowed a period to get to know someone, run to the restroom to freshen up, or at bare minimum, hear the latest plea from Keith Sweat...all in preperation for when Mr. DJ says, "...all party people to the dance floor!"
Can one person be the spark to start the wildfire? YES! Can one ballad be the "Start of a Romance?" YES!...or at least a "New Edition" to a friendship circle. The next time your out at your favorite night spot, tell the DJ you want to hear "I can't help but wait" or "Falsetto". If you like it old school, request "Come and Talk to me" , "Honey Love" or "If this world were mine". Not only are you contributing to a "Slow Jam" revival, but you are creating an atmosphere for change...and change in this crazy world, is great!
"Holla if you hear me, yell if you don't!"
Peace and Truth,

Isnt life grand when your layin in the sand!!

Isnt life grand when your layin in the sand!!