Saturday, April 26, 2008


Its often a perfect saturday night when i'm just sitting at home. The little guys are sleep, and i am left awake, with a little bit of idle time. Typically, i'd fall asleep with intentions of reading the bible, writing a poem, or delving into the deeper realms of self, in search of self. But not this evening. I'm awake(praise God)and in the mood to escape.

Not so long ago, my mode of escape would be to go out. it's an especially nice, warm, tropical evening in the city of new beginnings. What a perfect evening to be out...circumstances, both physically and spiritual have allowed me to seek refuge in a place of stillness. a place call home. destination me. Surprisingly, i like it. i really like it.

As i write the memo of early sunday morning, i have Bill Withers playing in the background. I am a true music lover and he is one of my favorites. He asked me if "we can pretend" that there is no yesterday. "Sure!", i replied. God makes no memory of our past mishaps, so why should I? "Paint a picture of tomorrow with no colors of today." For me, that means no grey skies. Just bright horizons. So I choose yellows, reds, and oranges...lively colors, arent they? Yes, my today is as bright as a comet awakening the nights sky. My present is that pinkish tone that comes as the sun sets into the infinite ocean. What an escape!

In such a bold color scheme, i have come to realize and accept that i am not so much the same girl i used to be. The art that is evolving on this canvas called life is a woman who is subtle and simple. Not so complex. Not needing much, but a slient night, fresh water to drink, and some good music.

I live in an escape that does not require looking back. I have broken loose from the chains of yesterday...YIPPEE! A life of more introspection than retrospection. Jubilation instead of contemplation. Spiritual intoxication over physical indulgence and alcoholic consumption. What an escape! Who would have known, who really cares?? All i do know is that i like where I am and I anticipate where I'm going to escape to next.

Thank you all for taking the time to listen to what some might call a rambling of thoughts. I pray at least one would see is as an open door to a personal escape.

Good night and happy travels,


Wednesday, April 2, 2008


Blessings to you all this fine morning.

I hope you all intend to let the rain that is falling wash away all thoughts of who you believe yourself to be!

Who are you?

This simple three word question was posed to the crowd of people at a Single's conference I attended last night. Nine profound letters that stuck in my mind throughout the evening...

How many of us are living a life based in the "psuedo" you? Most of us unsuspecting souls have been walking around wearing who we think we are as a badge of honor. Would you say you are a sum total of your experiences, a product of your environment, a perfectly divided half of Mother and Father or something much more?

The world is changing, and so should we. In order for the world to reach its full potential, the people in the world have to live their life with a clear understanding of themselves so our planet and future generations can assume THEIR proper position.

In Jeremaiah 1:5 God states that "I knew you before I formed you in your mother's womb..." with that being said, there is a divine calling for you...right here, right now! The universe needs you to "do you" in order for us all to live in harmony....Yes, my friends, we need each other to "BE"who we are, which ( i can almost guarantee) is a far greater thing than what we are in our present state.

Love will only be achieved in knowledge of self. Yes, true love stems from true authority. True authority comes from accepting self, not accepting your experiences as SELF.

Take the time to peel off the layers of who you think you are.Stop doing jobs others think your great at, and enter into the journey of self discovery. No one can do it for you, and no one else can substitute for the longing you have for "you".

The world at large needs each and every one of us! YOU are significant to the world. Realize self, realize your significance. All the money in the world cannot buy the peace and contentment that come with the overstanding and acceptance of You.

Thirty minutes ago in prayer I asked God this question. Less than one minute later, the spirit replied" I am the one who intends on breaking the chains of normalcy." Wow, i said, "that was quick!" When you knock, the doors are waiting to be opened.

I ask one favor of you all. Please take the time after you read this to ask with sincerity WHO YOU ARE. Once you get the answer, delve into taking of the layers of who you are NOT. It is then that we can all enjoy LIFE as it was intended to be.


Con Mucho Paz(with a lotta peace)

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Isnt life grand when your layin in the sand!!

Isnt life grand when your layin in the sand!!