Tuesday, October 12, 2010



One of my blog readers told me “Being single isn’t a blessing and it’s certainly isn’t a curse. It’s a state of being.” I love when I allow people’s comments to stretch my mental bandwidth. That brain warm up made me realize that blessings, too are a state of being and a presence of mind. To be blessed, in theory, is to be anointed with gifts, protection and mercy from a higher source…a birthright if you will, whether you believe in a higher, inner source or not (just as the sky is blue, it is such, placed there by a creator whether you subscribe to spirituality or not).

Subsequently, blessings could be viewed as a gift, or if your mind isn’t residing in a heavenly place, a curse. Forward thinking are those who over stand that even the things that we see as “bad” are a blessing. Death of a loved one, a loss of a job, a loss of a relationship, a fight and yes, even being single are all tools to take us higher, to make us better and wiser.

The most high has blessed us all. Despite man made systems of separation (class, religion, capitalism, etc) being blessed cannot be earned and blessings DO NOT show favor... That would make God unjust. On the contrary, favor was and is always shown to all of us just as sure as we were called on and born into this realm and onto this planet. Since blessings are an integral part of our life and our life force is the Creator itself, it can never be curse or revoked, no matter what you were conditioned to’s all how you choose to view your life.

The most high doesn’t bless you with material things. Things have no life and no heavenly power therefore it isn’t of the most high. However the talents you are gifted with or blessed with can afford you material things. You’re not blessed with a car, a house, a spouse or money: to say YOU are blessed with those things would imply that those who don’t have those things aren’t blessed, and that shows favoritism from our Creator. That doesn’t exist. We are all created on an equal playing field in the eyes of The Most High despite how different the blessings may appear. What we do with our blessings, well, that’s called free will and that too is something we were all given, and given the choice to use. Without favor or judgment.

God Bless You
(oops, that’s already given)

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Anonymous said...

So, once again, we've come to the conclusion that, like 90% of the other: issues, circumstances, situations, etc. in our lives, it's mainly a matter of perspective. To be, or not to be...single? That is the question. Each state has its pros and cons. Ask someone who's in a relationship (particularly one experiencing some turbulence) about the pros of being single, and the cons of being 'spoken for'; likewise, ask someone who's 'alone' about the cons of being lonely, and the pros of being hitched. Now, no man (or woman for that matter) is an island, but the sanctity of solitude is priceless.

Isnt life grand when your layin in the sand!!

Isnt life grand when your layin in the sand!!