Wednesday, June 23, 2010

This is a test!

Remember growing up watching TV… you’re all comfy in your space on the couch, popcorn or Doritos in hand, head damn near buried in the tube because you were finally going to find out why ET wanted to phone home and you’re interrupted, rudely I might add, by a god awful buzzing noise and a voice that sounds like a man talking into a plastic cup saying, “ This is a test of the Emergency Broadcast System…” WHAT??? “You really got to run a test now?” Say it isn’t so!

We only get frustrated when the test comes right at the “good part”. If nothings’ going on, who would care if there’s a test? Who would pay attention? The more we grow as individuals, the more responsibility we are able and willing to handle, right? So we will be tested to make sure we are as ready as we think we are!

Every time after I’ve read something profound, listened to a lecture that resonated my spirit, or went through some experience that has the potential to “upgrade” me, I feel on top of the world! Sahsha has automatically become the most intelligent, even-tempered cat you’ll ever come across! Throw anything at me and I’ll catch it blindfolded! Just in the midst of my celebration, my phone rings and the mechanic says, “ we found something else wrong with your car and it will cost an additional $300.00 to fix it…” What kind of #%!@ is that?? Why does that have to happen to me? What happened to my even temper? After a brief pause of thought, I realized the discomfort I’m putting myself through doesn’t feel as good as my celebration. The car isn’t causing me discomfort I am because…well…I shouldn’t have to deal with that news about my car! (Man, we are some funny people). I over-stand that I am being tested on the lesson I just learned about being calm. After a slight outburst, I think to myself that it would be much better to get “it” fixed now. I have the money, the car is already there and heaven forbid it break down on me while I’m out on a hot summer’s day…I’m liable to invent new curse words and get demoted to the first grade if that happens…so fix it I do. Wow, what a difference a calm minute, and a reflection of what I just learned has made in my day…and life.

So there is one of the many tests this life will bring. No need to go through the lesson only to fail the test by choice. Something’s are unavoidable, but the way you handle it is clearly up to you. Brace yourself for the humility that comes with growing. It’s here to serve you. Until next time, be easy and stay alert!

Con mucho, mucho amor,

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Dr. Shawn Dunn said...

Tests..what would life be without all those wonderful tests?? Not nearly as fun, or exciting, I bet. You know what I find most interesting about life..well, at least my life: I'm tested first, and THEN I'm taught the lesson. Me:'God, are you sure I'm ready?'
God:'You're about to find out.'
Ah, the Creator has an absolutely DIVINE sense of humor :0)
P.S. HUBBA! HUBBA!...nice pic' ;0)

Isnt life grand when your layin in the sand!!

Isnt life grand when your layin in the sand!!