Friday, May 30, 2008

Live It Up!

Hey guys(and gals...please don't get politically correct, I often don't:)

As the lovely, lovely month of May is coming to an end, along with spring, I find it unexcusable not to write, in closing.

A lingering thought has been on the brain like George Bush's trigger finger to the war in Iraq, the plummeting economy and the non existant health care system in the Un-united states...What if this was your last moment on this earth, in a physical body??

I can hear you now..."Sahsha, what kind of mess of a thought is that??" I can't call it, but it isn't meant to stir up a sense of morbidity, or gloom. It's more so a mental excercise if you will, that will prayerfully help us use the remainding 90 percent of the brain that lies dormant.

"If I should die before I wake, I pray the Lord my soul to take..."

If that be the case, how would our loved ones reflect on the lives we have lived? More so, how would you describe the time you had on earth? Did you use your time wisely, effectively? Did our actions positively influence others? Did we accomplish what we were brought here to accomplish? Do we even know what that is??

Have we treated ourselves like we have the life and light of God living within? Lets make sure at the end of the day, and each day, we live it like there is no tomorrow. In essence, there isn't. All that there is, is NOW! (Disclaimer: this commentary IS NOT an excuse to live like you have no good sense. Remember, your body is a vessel for God to manifest his presence on earth...Back to your regularly scheduled program)

So as you rise with the morning sun, give thanks for another day granted to you. Why not use it for something new! Make a small step to change something that brings you closer to your destiny. In the meatime, your step will encourage others to take steps, too. As you continue along your daily walk, make sure your smiles outweigh your frowns, your laughs topple your tears, and your words comfort fears. Always listen to the quiet voice within...its God ordering steps:)and make every moment count!Don't exist counting the moments. Begin planning for that "thing" you ALWAYS wanted to do, do not allow anyone to hurt you in the name of love, and love so much that hurt is a memory.

In closing, i saw this while driving today and it moved me:

"Existing is mandatory. Living is optional"

Peace, Love, and Happy Travels,


Isnt life grand when your layin in the sand!!

Isnt life grand when your layin in the sand!!