Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Beyond Haiti

Whether its publicized or not, whether its personal or not, tragedy is something that we will all have to face. But there is a certain affect that wide spread tragedy and mass disaster has on us. There is a place it allows our minds and hearts to go, making us question who we really if we really believe that we are "our brother's keeper".

Haiti, a country with a population of about 9 million is no stranger to hard times and challenging days. Political strife, poverty, and civil wars are what most people know about it, but to many, Haiti is simply home. Beautiful landscape and weather, great food and music, and family fills the land that is now, due to yesterday's massive earth quake, covered in rubble. All of a sudden, the trials of our life don't seem so bad. It would be nice if we can take that view on our lives daily..." Things aren't so bad". Change your perspective.

So many of us are connected to despair;and certainly it shouldn't take a tragedy such as this to awaken us to needs of the less fortunate.No matter how much or how little you believe you have, there is always something we can do to assist in helping our brothers and sisters, whether they're next door or across the ocean. What are you going to do?

My family comes from a nation where they're not as financially "blessed" as the United States. Shout out to all my people who are first, second, and third generation immigrants and came to The United States to make a better way for themselves. With your better way, lets show the nations who have been hit with recent natural disaster: Haiti, Samoa, The Phillipines, India, Africa, etc that there is a better way, a light at the end of the tunnel.

For information on who you can help the earthquake victims of Haiti, Please contact the Red Cross.

Spread Love,

Isnt life grand when your layin in the sand!!

Isnt life grand when your layin in the sand!!